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Breeder Operation
Centaco swine operation was established under the commitment to supply optimum commercial piglet to market. At that time, Pure breeders, Duroc Landrace and Largewhite (Yorkshire), are carefully selected from top breeder farms in US, Canada, and Australia, which is renowned for its growth performance. In time, genetic improvement program has been done through artificial insemination by premium semen from European bred, targets for leanness, body length and litter size. Combining carcass quality and growth performance, Centaco piglet is considering an excellent choice for farmers. Aside from commercial piglet which is our main product, we also supply Purebred, 2-cross dam line.

Commercial Operation
More recently, Centaco has integrated downgrated downstream into commercial production. Realizing raising environment is extremely important in breeder and commercial operation. Centaco has placed a heavy emphasis on feeds, bio-security and health monitoring. Hygienic and balanced nutrient feeds are supplied from our own integration. Bio-security program is strictly implement and routinely audited. Finally stock's health is closely monitored by animal health team, equips with modern health monitoring equipments and research facilities. This results to having leaner and healthier hogs.
Pure Breeder
(Duroc, Landrace, Yorkshire)
2- Cross Dam Line
3- Cross Line Piglet
Fattening Pig

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