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Our Feed Mill is conveniently located in the heart of the agricultural area of Thailand. This enables us to source for only the safe, healthy and fresh raw materials for our feed ingredients. Combining with our Research Facilities, every detail of feed ingredients is evaluated which enable us to fully utilized their nutrient.

Over the years of valuable research experience and constant collection of technical data, our product development team has gained the ability to produce feeds with excellent nutritional balance, excellent palatability, better digestibility and better-feed conversion rate for animals to have a complete healthier diet for their daily intake.

With Programmable Logic Control system and highly-sensitive scale, we can be sure that our feeds are produced accurately and precisely according to its formula even the micro ingredients-such as vitamin and mineral additives. Matching this with Quality Assurance System on each and every step of its process from raw material receiving till finished products, and complete range of testing and analysis laboratory for measuring nutrient content and chemical and microbiological impurity of raw materials, we can guarantee that only the high quality and safe feeds will be delivered to our customers.

CENTACO and CENTRAL FEED are the trademarks that livestock producers can be assured of its better Growth, better Weight, high lean meat yield for a higher profitability for them and a safer, healthier food for their consumers.


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